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Maya Shaders

Mel scripts




When doing network rendering with lots of machines bandwidth is often a problem. These mel commands checks the scene for file textures and copies textures to the local disk. If the textures are already present no action is taken.

Open the renderglobals window and go to the render options section. Add the two scripts as shown in the image below and change the path to fit your network settings.

ailocaltexture howto

aiLocalTextureCopy will go through all your file textures and check if they exist on the local path. If not it will create a duplicate directory structure and copy the textures into it. It then sets the file path to point to the local texture.

aiLocalTextureRestore is to be called as a post render mel script. It will restore the original filetexture path information so that everything is back to normal.


Download aiLocalTextures.mel

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