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Maya Shaders

Mel scripts



This is just a scene with a camera setup to do a 6 sided box reflection as well as a shader that loads the images. Can be used with prerender mel scripts to render reflectionmaps per frame.
Work in progress Maya Ascii version changer.
Connects all animatable attributes of one object to another.
This script will set up the scene to render an ambient occlusion pass currently using the DiffuseLight shader. I plan to add support for the Dirtmap Mental ray shader as well
Old script to switch between Unix and NT paths.
Import Mark Robertson motion control data into Maya.
This script will make a shelf that is updated when ever Maya is started. Making it possible for a whole crew to share a common shelf.
This scripts lists all the references and imports them into the scene leaving you without refs. Nice for making sure the scene will open on a machine far away from your office network.
Offsets the keyframes of a selected object by a certain amount
Two scripts to be run as pre and post render scripts that will automate the copying of textures to local disk when rendering.
This script sets up a small expression for X,Y,Z rotation so that one objects rotation is in the middle of two others. This could ofcourse also be achived using two rotation constraints.
Lets you set hard to reach attributes on multible objects at once.
Randomly assign selected shaders to selected objects. Nice and easy.
The script will search all selected objects and remove a specified prefix if present.
Sets the textureresolution of all textures in a scene.
Automatic submission to the Smedge Render Queue software.
Sometimes all the wooden things need to be made of metal and the other way around... Use aiSwapShaders.
Driving object translation with 2D Texture.
Use the colorAtPoint command to drive the Y translation of a grid of spheres... Or modify for your own projects.
Painterly Rendering with Camera Projection
This tutorials shows you how to use Camera Projections to create a painted look in your scene.
Particle Dirt
Here is a tutorial of how to set up a flexible system to make dirt sprays out of instanced poly objects. Custom attributes will allow you to easily reuse the setup in different situations.

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