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2D Artists
The Art of Craig Mullinshttp://www.goodbrush.com/
Very cool images. A lot of filmwork.
Old friend of mine from the Amiga demo days. Has done a lot of high profile danish websites.
Zanman Galleryhttp://www.zanman.dk
Gallery page of fine pictures done all with wacom tablet, and Photoshop software.
Bengt Laserhttp://www.fromm.dk
This is the site of Jonas Fromm, a really great 2d artist whom I have worked with several times. Check it out.
Artish site belonging to a friend of mine. Working with digital photo and all that stuff.
Jesper Giørtz´s drawing and graphics sitehttp://www.jgb.dk
A good friend of mine who works as an artdirector in Copenhagen. Website is design related as well as showing off his drawing skills.
3D Artists
Very nice flash site.
Niels Krogh Mortensen Computeranimationhttp://www.computeranimation.dk/nkm/
This is the site of my good friend and co-owner of our company Niels Krogh Mortensen.
Shared Momenthttp://www.danbbs.dk/~jespercj/asm.html
Really nice flash site by Jesper Kolding Jørgensen
Very nice site but still missing something.
3D Feature Films
Delgo Feature Filmhttp://www.delgo.com
Looks like a nice shot at a 3d feature.
3D Resources
Nice site for 3d interested people.
CG Char http://www.cg-char.com
Web forum for character animators.
Very nice gathering point of serious people and resources.
Krogh Mortensen Animation A/Shttp;//www.km-animation.dk
This is the company that I am part owner of. We take on all kinds of tasks involving computer-graphics.
3d cafehttp://www.3dcafe.com
A nice reference site with a lot of user links.
CG Channel.comhttp://www.cgchannel.com
One more place for 3D artists to hang aroung.
This is the website of Jeremy Birn the writer of a quite good book called Lighting & Rendering.
I hope that Laust will eventually get some pocket games onto his site :-)
Home of Rene Bidstrup. An old friend of mine doing graphics and online games.
Graphic Research
Princeton Universityhttp://www.cs.princeton.edu/gfx/
Princeton Graphics and Geometry Group.
University of Utahhttp://www.cs.utah.edu/research/areas/graphics/
Computer Graphics and Visualization at the Univeristy of Utah. (birthplace of the teapot)
Brown Universityhttp://www.cs.brown.edu/research/graphics/
Brown University Computer Graphics Group.
Computer Graphics Research at Caltech.
Website of Paul Debevec with some really cool rendering research.
Cornell Universityhttp://www.graphics.cornell.edu/
This is the Cornell University Program of Computer Graphics.
Graphic Software
Plastic Animation Paperhttp://www.km-animation.dk/pap/
The finest in 2D animation on computer. A stream lined program specificaly for the traditional animator. What used to take a week to animate can be done in a day. (and it is made by my company)
Macromedia Flashhttp://www.macromedia.com
We started creating content in Flash and it is quite great so therefore it needs a link here.
Alias|wavefront creates Maya the 3D software used at my company.
Links to nude art photographers
Final Renderhttp://www.finalrender.com
Standalone render. More info to come.
The industry standard in standalone rendering.
Seams to be focusing on hair and volume effects.
Entropy & BMRThttp://www.exluna.com/
Lary Gritz wrote Blue Moon Rendering Tools and Entropy appears to be a comercial followup.
Brazil Rendering Systemhttp://www.splutterfish.com/sf/
Really great images.
Used on X-men and looks cool.
For looking up phonenumbers