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The Duck


Baby Caramel Girl



Baby Caramel Girl:

In 1996 I started work on a small short film but after a month or two it was shelved and it is only recently that it resurfaced on one of my harddrives.

Back then I really liked the simple style of the Pixar shorts, and so it was natural to try and steal it. Or at least make something similar.

So now almost 8 years later it has finally been completed and is online in all its glory.

My little girl.

My little girl.

My little girl.

The scene as seen from within maya.

The original film was created in Power Animator on an SGI Maximum Impact, and now I am reworking it in Maya.

A beautiful flower bed.

A beautiful flower bed.

If you look closely you can see that every single blade of grass... Was modeled as a large blobby green sphere. But it is all part of the style I guess...

I have setup a small site that will get its own domain soon. Until then check it out here:


Here is a still from the film.

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